Have you ever thought how helpful a small tray can be if you make use of it to the fullest? Okay well!! Now you must be thinking that all serving trays are the same and why do we need to know about them? There is a lot you need to know about serving trays if you are also one of those who thinks that the sole purpose of serving trays is to serve food. Serving trays come in different sizes, designs and shapes. There are small serving trays, medium trays, large serving trays, wooden trays and many more. In this blog, we will learn more about the uses of small serving trays and the need to buy

Uses of Small serving trays

1. Organising and Decorating

Small trays are not only for serving food but can also work as decorative and functional item. They are a perfect fit to help you organise the mess at the tabletop including keys, small objects and more. You can add a special touch to your place by keeping such small strays near your entryway to keep important little items at the right place altogether. There is a wide range of classy decorative small trays at Luxehome that can match the vibe of your home whether it is sleek metal tray or rustic wooden tray.

2. Breakfast in Bed

Do you also dream of having a Bollywood style experience with beautiful looking breakfast in bed? Well!! Small trays are here to make your dream come true. You can use these small trays to serve delicious breakfast in bed on a beautiful morning. These trays add extra class and ease to this experience. These trays can be used to carry a cup of tea or coffee, a vase of fresh flowers and a plate of yummy breakfast to create a picturesque Bollywood scene for your loved one.

3. Coffee Table Styling

The main focus in the middle of the living room is mostly the coffee table. Small trays can help you keep these small trays stylish and neat. You can easily arrange candles, books or other favourite items on the small tray. This helps your coffee table to look clean and provides extra space.

4. Beverage Station

If you are planning to create a small beverage station, small trays are all you need. Decorative small trays can help you organise the essential items for coffee or tea. You can put items such as milk, teapot, sugar and mugs to create a ease in serving your guests and enjoy a little tea party yourself. Such little things can make your mornings and evenings happier.  

5. Vanity Organizer

It is very important to keep your vanity organised. Small serving trays can help you to keep your bathroom and bedroom organised. You can easily keep your jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes in a small tray to make the space look clean and keep the essential items near. Small trays provide a very stylish but practical way to keep your daily routine maintained.

6. Dining and Entertaining

Small trays also have a big role to play in entertainment as well as dining. You can use small trays to serve cocktails, appetizers and desserts to your guests. Using a metal tray can give you a modern and sleep look and on the other hand, wooden tray can add a rustic touch. While the small trays are not being used for serving, you can use them as a centrepiece or a holder for flowers, candles and other decorative items creating a warm atmosphere.

7. Different Sizes for Different Needs

Small serving trays are available in many different sizes such as large tray, small tray and medium tray. You can find the tray of your choice and preference out of all the sizes available. A large tray can be helpful to carry snacks and drinks if you throw a grand party and on the other hand, a small and medium tray can be used for daily office or household uses.

Why should you buy a small tray?

Affordability is the key factor that needs to be considered while buying a small tray. Small trays are mostly prices reasonable to make it accessible for you to make a beautiful addition to your home. Buying a wooden tray can not only help you to serve but can also add a elegant touch to your place without disturbing the vibe. Apart from affordability, another important element to be remembered about small tray is versatility. Small trays can be used in every area of your home or office including bathroom, dining and kitchen. Their ability and adaptability to enhance aesthetics and functions helps you to make an incredible addition to the décor.