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wooden tray

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Medium Tray
wooden tray

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Blue Butterfly Printed  Rectangle Medium Tray

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dry fruit tray
Black Leopard Printed Rectangle Medium Tray

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serving tray

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dry fruit tray

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decorative tray

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In the world of home décor and serving, trays play a crucial role, specifically talking about the medium trays, they are versatile and very helpful. Medium serving trays are not just functional items but are also a beautiful and attractive piece of art. A right choice of tray makes a big difference when it comes to presentation and serving. Let’s dive into the world of medium serving trays and explore their design options, versatility and their role in enhancing your home’s aesthetics.

The Medium Serving Tray: A Blend of Form and Function

A medium tray is a perfect balance of function and form. Medium serving trays are big enough to hold a variety of items that are not so bulky. These serving trays are specially designed to be versatile in order to make them suitable for a variety of different purposes, from serving drinks, snacks and appetisers to displaying decorative items or keeping the essentials of a kitchen counter or coffee table organised.

Design Options

There are a large number of designs of Medium Serving Trays available in the market in order to meet the taste, style and requirements of the buyers. A timeless favourite medium tray are the wooden trays. The  wooden trays are not only strong and durable but also add a touch of rustic elegance to any décor. Some popular medium tray designs are-

Patterned trays:

Some medium trays feature intricate patterns, motifs and inlays that can be the main focus point of your décor. These medium serving trays add artistic feel to your space whether it is a geometric pattern of a delicate floral design.  

Wooden trays:

Wooden trays are a classic selection, displaying sophistication and warmth. These trays are available in different types of woods including teak, oak and walnut, each of them offering a unique look. The wooden tray price can differ depending on the type of craftsmanship and wood.

Metal trays:

For a sleek and modern designed medium tray, you can go with mirrored trays. These medium trays are the perfect choice for contemporary interiors. Copper, stainless steel and brass are most popular choices for these types of medium trays, offering an outstanding contrast to the wooden trays.

Mirrored trays:

They create an illusion of space by reflecting, making them an ideal choice for small sized rooms. These trays often have well decorated and designed handles and are available in different sizes and shapes.

Leather Trays:

If you are looking for sophistication and luxury, Leather trays are the best go-to choice. These are an excellent choice for formal décor and are available in various different colours including deep black and rick brown.

Versatility in Use

The highly versatile medium serving trays make it essential to make an addition to the home. A few ways in which the medium trays can be utilised include-

Décor display:

Medium serving trays can be used to display decorative items such as figurines, vases and candles. These trays can be very helpful in creating cohesive arrangements that instantly improve the room’s aesthetics.


The medium serving trays are ideal for serving drinks, snacks and food. They can be used in the morning for breakfast in bed, tea in the afternoon or hosting a party for your friends. The size of a medium tray allows you to lift many items at the same time, making it more elegant and efficient for you.

Coffee table:

Your personality and taste can be reflected through a well-styled coffee table. A medium serving tray can be your coffee table décor’s centrepiece, small plants or housing a collection of books.


You can keep you everyday essential items in the medium serving tray by placing a tray on the top of your kitchen counter in order to keep the utensils within reach, or use it on your entryway table to keep the mail, keys and other little items on a same place without misplacing.

The Role of Medium Trays in Interior Design

Medium serving trays play a very important role in interior design and are not just functional. A few ways in which they contribute to overall décor include-

Colour and texture- The colour and texture of a medium serving tray can be contrasted with your décor, adding richness and depth to your space just like a dark wooden tray that can create a striking contrast on a light-coloured coffee table.

Practicality- The most crucial aspect of medium trays is their level of practicality. These serving trays provide a designated area for items, enhancing the room’s overall organisation by reducing all the mess.

Cohesion- By grouping the objects on the tray, you can easily create a sense of organisation in your décor.

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