Large serving trays hold a special place of grandeur in the realm of hosting and home décor. They are not only limited to functionality but can add a touch of sophistication to anything or everything. Let’s delve into and explore the large trays, their design options, versatility, and their right place in modern homes.

The Grand Serving Tray: A Statement of Style

Large trays are not just a serving item but a lot more than that. These large trays are a statement of elegance and style. Their highly spacious designs make them useful and ideal for serving numerous items at once. Whether it is an extravagant and luxurious breakfast or a pile of drinks and appetizers, Large trays are always there for rescue. However, their significance expands more than just serving, these large trays can be an excellent choice for improving your place’s aesthetics.

Design Options

Large trays are available in an extensive range of designs to provide to the preferences and styles of every buyer. Among the widely available choices are the wooden large trays which are loved by everyone and are timelessly favorite. Other popular designs include-

Wooden trays:

Large wooden trays showcase timeless beauty and warmth. These are available in various different types of woods such as teak, oak, and walnut, and each of them delivers a unique kind of aesthetic. The wooden large tray is a pure piece of art that combs function and form and is not only sturdy.   

Mirrored Trays:

 Mirrored trays add a spark of opulence and glamour to your interior. These trays reflect light and create an illusion of spaciousness which is very advantageous for the small rooms. These trays also consist of decorative handles and are also available in shapes and sizes.

Patterned Trays:

 Some of the large trays also feature motifs, intricate patterns as well and inlays that are the main focus point of the décor. These patterns can either be any artistic design, floral design, or geometric design to give an artful touch to your home or other décor.

Leather Trays:

 The true epitome of sophistication and luxury is the leather trays. They are an excellent choice for a formal tone and are available in a wide range of colors including blacks and browns.

Metal Trays:

Metal trays show a sleek aesthetic and exude a modern design. They are a perfect choice for contemporary interiors offering a blunt contrast to the wooden large trays. Copper, stainless steel, and brass are the popular tray choices.

Versatility in Use

The large serving tray has many uses extending far beyond serving snacks. Some of the versatile ways to use them include-

1. Entertaining guests:

While entertaining guests, large trays are a practical choice. These large trays can elegantly show a large display of beverages, appetizers, or a combination. Large serving trays allow you to carry several items at once.

2. Breakfast in bed:

Large serving trays can be a perfect choice for indulging breakfast in bed. These trays provide enough space for a luxurious breakfast along with a steaming cup of tea or coffee. They bring a touch of luxury to the simplest of daily routines.

3. Organisational aid:

Using large trays can help you to keep your daily crucial items organized. Placing these on your kitchen top for cooking utensils on your entryways for other small items, or on the coffee table, center table, or study table for organizing the respective items, large trays can be used anywhere and everywhere.

4. Décor display:

Large serving trays are an ideal and perfect choice for exhibiting decorative items. You can create stunning vases, candles, figurines, and more. They help in bringing a proper structure to your décor.

Wrap Up

People who prefer a minimalistic approach or like to save space have a choice to choose between small serving trays and designed medium serving trays. The medium and small tray price in India is more affordable than the large ones which makes them more accessible for a wider range of buyers. Still, the aura and class of large trays by Luxehome cannot be compared and they can provide a different vibe to your décor.