Floare Set Of 3 Organizer

Rs. 12,000.00

Theme: Florae- You can be sure to get your money’s worth and more by having this luxurious flora design rich in peace and representing modern art.

Material: It is made up of acrylic wood, which is one of the premium and luxurious wood designs. It is durable and waterproof.

Set: Set of 3

Size: 12*4.75*4.75, 9*4.75*4.75, 6*4.75*4.75 Inch

Why buy?

These organizers are crafted with premium, luxurious wood which represents elegance, surely complimenting any kind of decor giving it a royal touch.

Uses: You can use these organizers to have a clean set up around you. They keep your desk clutter free, giving it a royal and eye-catching look.