What is the Right Direction for a Study Table according to Vastu?

Right Study Table Direction according to Vastu

Arranging your study table according to vastu is so very important. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken care of when thinking and sorting about vastu and not only decluttering the space and keeping the knick-knacks in the drawer organizer box works. Take care of the factors beforehand and set the table according to that. Keeping the direction and the placing method should be known beforehand to avoid problems. 

Here are some of the tips and tricks listed below which should be taken care of and looked after. 

How Does It Benefit?

Orienting your study table space optimally according to the vastu principle provides several benefits that contribute to a more nurturing and productive environment. Placing a vastu Study Table will attract positive energy and double the positivity and auspiciousness of your aura. According to vastu, the few main benefits of having a study table in place are: 

Improves Concentration

Placing your study table in the northeast and east direction is said to be perfect as these directions improve concentration. These directions are associated with positive vibes and the positivity stimulates your mind and helps your mind better focus and allows your mind to stay calm, concentrated, and focused. By adjusting your position to match your natural energy flow, you can improve your ability to absorb and retain information.

Reduce Distraction

An organized learning environment is important to minimize distractions. vastu recommends leaving a gap between your workbench and the wall so that positive energy can flow freely around you. 

Positive Energy Flow

Reorienting your work table according to vastu will allow positive energy to flow smoothly through your room. A balanced and positive atmosphere promotes a relaxed state of mind that is essential for effective study and work.

Which direction to choose for placing the Study table

According to vastu Shastra, certain orientations are considered more promising as study desks. According to vastu, when it comes to what is the best orientation for a study table, the north and east orientations are the best. Find out why, and what to avoid with your desk space.

Northeast Direction

The northeast direction is generally considered to be the most suitable location for vastu's study table. This direction is associated with the water element and symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and intellectual growth. Placing your study desk in the northeast corner of your room can help you focus, improve mental clarity, and create a harmonious learning environment.

East Direction 

The other direction in which you place as per vastu is the east direction. East is always said to be the direction of the beginnings and so the sun also rises from there. East direction brims positivity, enthusiasm, and focused behavior. Keeping the direction of the study table east is good practice as it makes your face keep in the direction of the sun which invites positivity and a good vibe. Decluttering your space and keeping the products that help you out and are usable should only be on your desk. 

Avoid Southwest and southeast direction 

According to vastu Shastra, the placement of the study table is very important in creating a harmonious and positive environment for learning and concentration. It is recommended to avoid southwest and southeast directions when placing study tables.

The Southwest direction is associated with the Earth element and represents stability and massiveness. Placing the desk and desk organizer in this direction can lead to feelings of lethargy and lack of focus, which can interfere with productive learning.

Similarly, the southeast direction is associated with the Fire element and represents energy and activity. Placing your study desk in this direction will make you feel restless and distracted, making it difficult to concentrate on your studies.

To adhere to the vastu principle, your study desk should be oriented in the northeast or east direction. The Northeast is believed to be good for learning and promotes clarity of thought and memory. The East direction is associated with the Solar element, which brings positive energy and creates a conducive environment for learning. By aligning your study desk with his vastu principles, you can create a balanced and supportive atmosphere that promotes learning, concentration, and overall academic performance.

Keep the study table full of light and make it clutter-free

Desk Organizer

vastu recommends keeping your desk well-lit and clutter-free to help you focus. Proper lighting keeps spaces bright and vibrant, promoting mental alertness and productivity. Natural light is preferred. Therefore, place the table near the window or use bright artificial light to create a cozy atmosphere.

Additionally, an organized environment allows for a clear and organized mind. Remove unnecessary items from the table and keep only the stationery and study materials you need within reach. A clean workspace promotes calmness and helps avoid distractions, resulting in better focus and better learning. 

By following these vastu principles, you can create an ideal learning environment that supports your studies and enables effective learning.


Maintaining your study table according to the vastu is so very important. Knowing the direction and organizing is essential. The positivity on your study table should be maintained and should bless you to stay concentrated and focused. Use a desk organizer of some sort of product that can help you declutter your space for better focus. These are some of the tips listed above which you can use and make sure that your study table is maintained and organized according to vastu.