Top 5 Secret Home Décor Tips Everybody Should Know While Decorating Their Home

Your home is not just a place; it's a reflection of your personality, your taste, and your style. Decorating your living space is an art, and at Luxehome, we understand the nuances of creating a home that speaks to you. In this blog, we'll unveil the top 5 secret home décor tips that will transform your space into a haven of elegance and comfort. From the subtle charm of flower vases to the cozy allure of cushion covers, the practical classiness of toiletry bags, the versatile beauty of serving tray sets, and the intricate detail of tea coasters, Luxehome has curated a collection to suit every taste.

Flower Vases: A Blossoming Statement Piece

Home Decor vases are more than just containers for blooms; they are statement pieces that can breathe life into any room. Luxehome’s range of decorative flower vases is designed to cater to diverse tastes and styles. When selecting a flower vase, consider the size, shape, and color that aligns with your overall theme. Our collection includes a variety of options, from classic and understated to bold and contemporary. You can buy flower vases online at Luxehome’s website.


Styling Tip

Don't limit flower vases to just the dining table. Experiment with placing them on side tables, shelves, or even the entryway to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Check our website to explore the flower vase price range and find the perfect piece to enhance your space.

Cushion Covers: Cozying Up Your Space with Style

Sofa cushion covers are the unsung heroes of home décor. Luxehome's extensive collection of cushion covers online ensures that you can find the perfect match for your furniture. From embroidered cushion cover designs to simple and classy cushion covers are crafted to enhance both comfort and style. When choosing pillow cushion covers, consider the color palette of your room and the mood you want to create.

cushion cover

Styling Tip

Mix and match different cushion cover styles to add depth and visual interest to your living space. Luxehome offers an array of choices, and exploring our cushion cover price range will reveal affordable options that align with your style.

Toiletry Bags: Organized Luxury for Your Essentials

Home décor extends beyond the living room, and Luxehome understands the importance of curated details even in your toiletries. Our travel toiletry bags are designed to add a touch of luxury to your essentials. Organize your toiletries items in style with compartments for all your items. The toiletry bag becomes not just a functional item but a chic accessory that reflects your taste and class.

Toiletry Bag

Styling Tip

Opt for toiletry bags with water-resistant linings to protect your belongings during travel. Luxehome offers a range of stylish toiletry bags to keep you organized on the go. Check our website for travel toiletry bags that combine practicality and elegance.

Serving Tray Sets: Elevate Your Hosting Game with Elegance

Impress your guests with Luxehome's fancy serving trays. A serving tray set not only adds a touch of elegance to your hosting game but also serves a practical purpose. Whether you're serving drinks, appetizers, or desserts, our wooden tray sets are crafted with precision and style. From minimalistic designs to intricately detailed tray for gift packing, Luxehome has the perfect set for every occasion.

serving tray

Styling Tip

Use serving trays to create a cohesive theme when presenting food or drinks. Consider the size and shape of the trays based on the items you'll be serving. Explore our collection to find the ideal tray set at the right tray price and add a touch of elegance to your hosting experience.

Tea Coasters: Small Details, Big Impact

Tea coasters are often underestimated in their ability to elevate your home décor. Luxe home offers a range of wooden coaster sets and glass coaster sets designed to protect your furniture in style. These small yet impactful details add a layer of elegance to your living spaces, especially when entertaining guests.

tea coaster

Styling Tip

Mix and match coaster sets to add variety and personality to your coffee or dining table. Explore our tea coaster online collection to find the perfect set that suits your style and fits your budget. The tea coaster price at Luxehome is designed to offer you quality without breaking the bank.

Bonus Tip: Lighting - The Key to Ambiance

No home décor is complete without considering the impact of lighting. Luxe home understands the transformative power of lighting in creating the perfect ambiance. Invest in stylish and functional lighting fixtures that complement your overall theme. Consider pendant lights, table lamps, or floor lamps strategically placed to highlight specific areas of your home. The play of light and shadow can accentuate the beauty of your flower vases, showcase the intricate details of your cushion covers, and add warmth to your serving tray sets.
Experiment with different lighting sources, such as warm-toned bulbs or LED strips, to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whether you're hosting a dinner party, enjoying a quiet evening, or simply unwinding after a long day, the right lighting can enhance the mood and elevate your home décor to new heights. At Luxehome, we offer a curated selection of lighting options to suit every taste, ensuring that your home is not just beautifully decorated but also warmly lit. Explore our lighting collection to find the perfect fixtures that will add the finishing touch to your stylish living space.Top of Form


Home décor is an art that blends personal style with functionality, and Luxehome is here to guide you through the process. Our top 5 secret home décor tips, from the timeless elegance of flower vases to the cozy charm of cushion covers, the practical classiness of toiletry bags, the versatile beauty of serving tray sets, and the intricate detail of tea coasters, are designed to help you create a space that is uniquely yours.
Explore our online store to discover the latest trends in home décor and find the perfect pieces to enhance your living space. With Luxehome, your home becomes a canvas for self-expression and style, where every detail is a reflection of your taste and class. Elevate your home with Luxehome, where elegance meets functionality in every exquisite piece.