Choosing the Right Serving Tray Set for Your Home

When it comes to adding some style and functionality to your home, a serving tray is an elegant and versatile choice. Whether you are serving snacks to your guests, organizing your coffee table, serving breakfast in bed, or looking for a perfect wedding or anniversary gift, a well-chosen serving tray can help you make a difference. At Luxehome’s website, you can find the best deals on the perfect serving tray for you without any hassle. Let’s see what’s hidden in the world of serving trays and all that you need to know about them.

Types of serving trays

There are many different types of serving trays available in the market. The most practical and elegant serving trays include-

Small Trays:

If you are looking for a serving tray as a decorative piece or with individual portions, small trays are the best option. These small trays are available in different shapes and materials that allow you to choose the one that suits your style. These small trays are a great choice for serving desserts, appetizers and a cup of tea or coffee in bed.

Medium Trays: 

Medium trays are a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. These trays are an ideal choice for serving snacks or drinks while entertaining your guests and also to use as a home décor item for daily use.

Large Tray:

A large tray is an ideal piece for holding a whole meal or a big collection of items. Large serving trays are a perfect choice for holding a complete dinner, transforming your footstool into a perfect coffee table, or for brunch gatherings.

Square Tray:

Square trays have a very modern look and are designed symmetrically. These trays can be used for multiple purposes such as decorating your home or serving.

Rectangle Tray:

For a timeless classic look, rectangle trays are a perfect choice. These trays are excellent for organizing your items or for serving breakfast.


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Materials Matter

One of the key features to consider while buying a serving tray is the material since the material of the item highly influences its style and functionality. Some popular options are-

Wooden Tray:

Wooden trays are a perfectly versatile and classic choice for every household. These trays are available in a range of finishes such as polished or rustic. Wooden trays are known to add a touch of elegance to every kind of décor and are also very sturdy. You can use a wooden tray for wedding gift since it shows charm and sophistication.

Metal Tray:

Metal trays are usually made of aluminium or stainless steel and have a sleek and modern look. These trays are durable as well as easy to clean that makes them a great choice for serving drinks and food. For a home with a modern or contemporary look, a set of metal trays can be an ideal choice.

Plastic Tray:

Plastic trays fall into the category of lightweight affordable trays. These trays lack elegance and class in comparison to metal and wooden trays but they are highly practical. These trays are available in various designs and colours that make it a suitable piece for casual use.

Glass Tray:

Glass trays are all about their transparency. The glass trays are excellent for showcasing the content kept inside it such as decorative items. The reflective part of the glass tray can add a sophisticated touch to your home décor.

Choosing the Right Serving Tray Set

There are a number of factors that need to be considered while selecting the perfect tray set for your home or as a gift.


First you need to ensure the reason of use for which you are buying the tray if it is as a decorative piece, for serving drinks, snacks or appetizers or for gifting. Check that the design as well as the size of the tray matches the requirements for its purpose.


The tray needs to complement the décor of your place, home, or office. Whether it is a sleek metal design, shiny glass, rustic wooden tray, or a colourful plastic option, make sure that the tray enhances the aesthetics of your place.


The material of the serving tray needs to be durable enough to resist its planned use. If you are looking to buy a tray for gifting purpose, a wooden tray is the perfect choice for a wedding gift since it is a mix of longevity and elegance.


Do not forget to consider the maintenance and cleanliness of the tray. Make sure that the tray is easy to clean. Trays used for serving drinks or food need to be easy to wash.

Wrap Up

Choosing the ideal serving tray set for home includes considering a number of factors such as maintenance, functionality, durability, and style. You can explore the website of Luxehome for various options to find a perfect serving tray at wholesale price that fits your needs and also helps to enhance your home décor. Luxehome has a wide range of fancy serving tray and tray sets that can fulfill all your requirements and add a touch of elegance and class to your space.